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With a multidisciplinary team, Infinity Fit works constantly for the evolution of the system, conducting research, innovating tools, rebuilding codes and seeking the excellence of a software capable of helping the Fitter to perform safely and intuitively in the accomplishment of the Bike Fit.

See some tools and functions of the Infinity Fit System


Cloud Database

The entire system works ONLINE.

Then all your entries will be saved in our database, safe and encrypted.

Only you have access to your riders, bikes, reports, images and more.

banco de dados.png
banco de dados.png
bike ideal.png

Real Time Reports

After entering the cyclist's data, the system is able to issue the necessary reports for the Bike-Ciclista union

The ideal Bike report determines the ideal size of the Bike for the cyclist, and this procedure can be performed even before the cyclist owns the Bike. Ideal for purchase guidance (Pre Fit).

The Bike Fit report, on the other hand, guides the Fitter with the necessary measures for the correct adjustment of the Bike.  

Share via Whatsapp direct to the Cyclist.

relatorio bike fit.png
bike ideal.png

Video Analysis

With the footage of the cyclist on the Bike, we can make an evaluation of the joint points so that in the future we can compare these angles obtained in this stage to serve as a reference to complete a quality Bike Fit. At certain moments of the pedaling cycle, we analyze several joints that generate more safety and performance at the end of the Fit.

analise biomecanica graficos.png

Biomechanical Analysis

After the verification by filming the cyclist on the bike, we have parameters through the method manuals to ensure the efficiency of the pedal after Bike Fit. The Pre and Post Bike Fit comparisons and images make it clear and give more credibility to the cyclist at the end of the session.

All this information plus the reports can be accessed by the Cyclist at any time. Just share with the cyclist at the end of the service.

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analise biomecanica graficos.png

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